Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is Mary Cummins infatuated with Randy Turner?

In reviewing all of the many blogs, posts and constant blabbering of Mary Cummins over Randy Turner, one has to believe, “Is Mary Cummins obsessed with Randy Turner?”  Since we are dealing with a sociopath/psychotic, one must realize that quite often these people revert to childish behavior.  Remember the 1st or 2nd grader who stated she hates boys but who would go out of her way to make contact with that one certain little boy she could not resist?  Exactly.  

Let’s take a look at just some of the instances referenced by Mary Cummins as it pertains to Randy Turner. 
  • “I had another dream about the Texas attorney last night.”
  • “I dreamt of his son as well.”  Does Mary Cummins secretly wish Randy Turner’s son was mothered by her?  After all, she has questioned Mr. Turner’s wife’s fertility in open print.
  • “Randy Turner was in my dreams, doing my hair.”  Well now that is just plain creepy because it takes her interest in Randy Turner to a whole new level of sexual intimacy.
  • “There were many Randy Turner’s in my dream last night, all in miniature, and all wanting to be with me.” OMG.
  • Mary Cummins claims Mr. Turner likes to rub up against her in the hallway outside of the courtroom.  Note:  You have to question how this would actually take place.  Here is a man with 33 years experience in the Texas courts in Ft. Worth, Texas.  He has been put forth by one of the two political parties twice to run for justice.  He is former President of the Texas Humane Legislative Network, Past President of the Tarrant Trial Lawyers Association, Director of the Tarrant County Bar Association, Past Chairman of the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, and well, you get the drift of this gentleman’s accomplishments because the list is literally too long to post everything.
So, what are the odds that Mr. Turner would be able to walk down a corridor without multiple people greeting him?  Nil; it would be virtually impossible.  But in Mary Cummins' twisted mind, she fantasizes that Mr. Turner is stepping into her; "rubbing up against me".  This disturbed woman has tried to turn her dreams about Randy Turner into reality (thankfully it is only in her demented mind).  Given Mr. Turner's immense dislike of this sociopath (remember, to the tune of getting a $6.1 M judgment against her), I am certain he sanitizes his clothes every time he has even been in her presence.  Rub up against her?  Just more of Mary Cummins' sincere desire to be in Mr. Turner's life.  Eeek.  

 In addition to all of this Randy Turner was voted Texas Super Lawyer for 2009-2010-2011-2012 (Texas Monthly Magazine), Top Attorney in Ft. Worth 2009-2010-2011-2012 (Ft. Worth Magazine).  Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Certified Civil Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, licensed in the Supreme Court of the United States, Supreme Court of Texas, ‘AV Preeminent’ (highest rating possible) by Martindale Hubble peer review as well as being a private, multi-engine rated pilot.  His accomplishments are endless.  So, do you think, it is even remotely possible that this highly accomplished, well-rounded, obviously popular lawyer can walk through a hallway in the justice building without being greeted by 10-20 others?  I think not.  ‘Brushing’ up against Mary Cummins would be the last thing on his mind.  However, there is lonely, pathetic Mary Cummins, indigent by her own declaration, repeatedly asking Randy Turner to work with her, offering to help him with his Search Engine Optimization on his website for free, asking to work closely with him on other matters and telling him that “your client will never have to know.”  Who is rubbing up against whom here?  Well, that was a no-brainer!  Eck, poor Randy Turner.  The man has been sexually and obsessively targeted by Mary Cummins.  It makes one shudder.

Cummins goes on to constantly reference Turner’s physical appearance – the comb of his hair, the cut of his clothes, his stance, his walk, his look; she even goes so far as to talk about the composition of his highly shined shoes.  Note:  Good grief that is making me ill.  It makes a person want to put a protective bubble around this ‘legal crusader’ for animals and defender of the people who protect them.   Cummins remembers what Turner wears and when and posts about it ad nauseum.
  •  “He (Turner) massaged my hand during deposition; he molested me.”  Note:  OMG, OMG, OMG.  There were 2 video angles because it has been stated there were 2 cameras recording in the deposition that day.  The court reporter testified nothing of this sort happened – at all!  Cummins own attorney withdrew from representing her, stating basically, that she lied and he had to testify for the other side.  It is obvious at this point that Mary Cummins is mentally disturbed and her obsession with Turner deepened at this juncture.  Remember the old saying, “Wishing will make it so.”?  Mary Cummins true desires and intensifying mania with Randy Turner became concrete at this moment.  She desired him to grab her hand and hold it, massage it and look deep into her eyes.   I certainly hope Mr. Turner has secured a Restraining Order or  some other legal remedy to keep Cummins ‘fatal attraction’ for him under control.
  • Cummins next postings contained ‘information’ that Mr. Turner stared at her crotch and breasts during deposition.  I heard from an insider, and from my own Internet sleuthing, that the deposition conference room was small and Mary Cummins had a professional videographer and her own camera equipment.  Despite the fact she could have exited her side of the room without crossing over any of the camera equipment, she insisted on repeatedly climbing over 3 cameras, an audio box, tripods, cables, dual lighting on additional tripods, etc.  Do you think everyone was staring at her just waiting for her to get tangled in the mess she created and fall?  LOL.  I think Cummins passion for Turner inherently turns any encounter with the man into a sexual experience in her contaminated mind.  On top of that, she is simply a narcissistic moron to think this handsome man would be staring at the likes of her well-used body parts.  (Remember her statement about how  “all different men” paid for her vacations?
  • Cummins claims Turner “papers me to death” yet a review of the court documents indicates that for every motion Turner filed, Cummins filed 3 or more in return which would force Turner to spend more time with her in court.
  • Then there is the reality that Cummins emails Turner on a continuous basis notwithstanding the fact that he has BLOCKED her emails.  Cummins talks about this herself online.  She tries to bypass his blocking of her by contacting his secretary and paralegal, demanding that he respond to her himself. 
  • Cummins repeatedly brings up Turner’s wife, referencing Mrs. Turner by her first name, posting where she works and how she should not be with Turner (they have been married for over 30 years).  Is Mary Cummins jealous of Turner’s wife?  I doubt Cummins could ever have had a relationship with anyone of such good looks, personality and success, let alone being married to someone with these attributes.
  • Cummins recently posted about Turner’s million dollar, custom home.   She obsessed so much that she talked about every single room and then alluded to how she would have decorated the expansive home.  She also questioned why he had an office above the separate garage and also in the main home with the elevator in it.  Reasoning in her disturbed mind that it was because Turner wanted time away from his devoted wife.  Cummins even posted pictures of her own house to show her decorating tastes for Turner’s home.  Note:  Cummins fantasizing about Randy Turner is of serious concern.  Is she trying to lure Turner; the man who has been at the core of her destruction?  I think it is obvious at this point that Turner cannot stand Cummins and perhaps that is intensifying her psychosis; the realization that she wants him so much yet he does not want her. 
  • After Turner filed the lawsuit against Cummins, and as her fixation with him elevated to a higher degree of malevolent fascination, Cummins filed 2 additional lawsuits knowing full well that it would bring her into further contact with Randy Turner. 
  • Cummins talks endlessly about Turner’s other legal cases, his animals, how long he has been married, where he went to school (she even accessed the alumni register and signed it as a guest!),  where his son works, who his friends are, his eating habits,  she tries to conclude who he talks to and when, and when and where he vacations.  When she was in Ft. Worth for the trial she deliberately went to the Kinko’s closest to Turner’s home instead of the copy business within walking distance of her own hotel!  Did Mary Cummins think she would see Randy Turner as he prepared for trial???????
  • Because Turner will not involve himself with Cummins, except when he is forced to do so for the Bat World cases, Cummins has taken to copying Turner with regards to the other cases in which she is involved!!!  How sick is that?  Cummins must believe that Turner is interested in every aspect of her life yet, by all accounts, the man despises her.  Is Mary Cummins obsession for Turner so drastic that she simply cannot take ‘no’ but ‘hell no’ for an answer?  Cummins went so far as to state in a court document that she believed Randy Turner was outside her house after she gave him her address!!!  What?  What?  What?  Now there is a prime example of total fantasy. 

  • The delusion has worsened....Mary Cummins has now posted that she is related to Randy Turner!  OMG, this poor man.  Here is her exact post:  "I just traced my family tree to Randy Turner in Texas!"  Cummins deranged fantasies have placed her in Randy's own family where she wants to be his kissin' cousin.  I think we all need to send Mr. Turner donations so he can hire a body guard to protect him from this crazed lunatic.

To date, Mary Cummins has created over 50 websites and blogs devoted to Randy Turner, the majority of which, appears to be her desire to have a very personal relationship with him.  After all, she has openly stated that she does not want him to be involved with Bat World Sanctuary or its Founder, Amanda Lollar, and resents that he has partnered with the renowned organization.

We wish you only the best, Mr. Turner.  You are a beacon of hope to the animal community and we are so very sorry for Mary Cummins’ obvious, disturbing, and pathetic attraction for you.

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